Last Minute Tax Applications Bring Servers Down

Waiting to file your taxes to the last minute? Tax applicants waiting to file until yesterday brought servers to a grinding halt at Intuit, makers of the popular TurboTax software. Intuit, a Mountain View, CA company, is waiting to hear back from the IRS on whether taxpayers will be penalized for submitting late returns, due to the server failure.

According to an article appearing today in The Washington Post, Harry Pforzheimer, spokesman for Intuit, explained that the issue with Intuit servers began early on Tuesday, April 17th and continued to worsen as the midnight deadline approached. The servers became overloaded by the sheer number of requests trying to be processed at the same time.

In the same article, Bruce Friedland, spokesman for the IRS, said that late applications, due to the Intuit server failure, will not be penalized.

Servers at Intuit have been restored today, and taxes are still being filed.

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