Keeping your computer functional during the holiday season

Over the years, Cape Cod Computer has noticed that immediately after a long holiday weekend, a steady stream of broken, malfunctioning, or otherwise misbehaving computers tend to come in for repair. The symptoms for these repairs vary greatly - anywhere from "my email stopped working" or "it seems to be running slower than usual" to "I get this weird blue screen over and over again" or "it just won’t start up anymore".

While the symptoms vary, there is usually a commonality as well. Each of the above statements is usually followed by something like "I let my niece & nephew use my computer this weekend so they could talk to their friends on Facebook" or "my son-in-law installed something in my computer over the weekend" or "my grandkids installed something so they could download music for their iPod".

With the holiday season upon us, many of us have friends and family visiting. If your house guests did not bring along their own laptop, you can expect the infamous question "Do you mind if I use your computer?" While the holiday season is a time for giving and sharing with the ones you love, you may want to consider laying down some ground rules (and making a good backup of your computer) before saying yes.

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