Judge Orders Post to Facebook

A judge in Cinncinati, Ohio recently ordered a man to post a court-ordered apology letter to his Facebook account, or else face jail time. The letter, drafted by magistrate Paul Meyers, was an apology directed to his soon to be ex-wife. The man, Mark Byron, was in court being charged with, and found guilty of, civil domestic violence against his wife.

Mark Byron had previously posted an unflattering note about his wife to his personal Facebook account, which his wife subsequently saw and brought to the court's attention as violating the protection order she had against him at the time. The magistrate then ruled that Byron had violated the protection order and gave him the choice of paying a fine and facing jail time or posting the apology letter Paul Meyers wrote to his Facebook account.

It will be interesting to see whether this case ruling spawns First Amendment lawsuits, and is perhaps a good reminder to be mindful of what information you post on Facebook.

For more information and to see a copy of the apology letter, please see the "Ex-husband gets choice of jail or a Facebook apology" article running on USA Today's web site.

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