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As many of you are already aware, has been beta testing a new, unique solution for solving the insurgent virus and junk e-mail problems. With the help of a small group of customers, we've developed a new solution to help alleviate these problems.

Now, we are pleased to offer this service to a greater percentage of our customers. Specifically, any customer with a "" e-mail account can now have virus scanning and junk e-mail filters at the server level. This means that the server can protect your e-mail account from a substantial amount of virus infected messages and unsolicited e-mail.

Virus Scanning
Our server will scan every piece of mail destined to your account and determine whether or not it is infected with a virus. If it is found to be infected, the message will be quarantined, and you will receive a notification that the message was blocked.

Please note, even with virus scanning enabled on your account, it is still possible that you will receive virus infected messages as viruses are always evolving. For this reason, you should continue to run a virus scanner on your computer, update it regularly, and be cautious of opening attachments.

Junk E-mail (Spam) Filtering
In regards to junk e-mail filtering, has become an active member in a coalition of ISPs trying to fight spam. Each ISP creates and shares spam blocking filters. With thousands of filters and millions of junk e-mail messages blocked, the coalition has already realized a great degree of success.

Nevertheless,'s policy has always been to err on the side of caution, having never implemented server wide restrictions which might block legitimate mail in the past. Consequently, even in regards to voluntary filtering, we remain conservative, letting through any messages that we are not absolutely sure are spam. As a result, you may still receive spam. The amount will vary from account to account.

The Quarantine
Even when a message is determined to be spam or infected with a virus, we do not immediately delete it. The messages are quarantined for a period of 2 weeks, after which, they will be permanently deleted.

You can review quarantined messages from our web mail interface. If you have determined that legitimate mail has been diverted to the quarantine, you can choose to have that mail "released" using the web mail interface. An administrator will then forward the quarantined message to you within 48 hours.

How Do I Get It
Turning on virus scanning or junk mail filtering is easy. Just call us at (508) 240-0051. Optionally, users can turn these services on via our web mail system. To enable virus scanning or junk mail filtering from the web mail system, follow these instructions.

What if I think a valid message has been caught
Messages will be stored in quarantine for 2 weeks after they are caught. You can use the same web mail interface to determine if a message that you wanted to receive has been diverted to the quarantine. To do so, follow these instructions.

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