Important E-mail Update

In a recent effort to prevent a massive spam attack, an update was pushed out earlier today which was overly aggressive. What this means is that you should pay special attention to your quarantine, and go through your quarantine e-mails to make sure nothing got trapped in there which, normally, should have been allowed to pass through.

The spam update that was pushed out today by Vircom may have impacted emails during the time period of 9:50am to 10:50am EDT. During this timeframe, emails may have been falsely trapped as "spam" and placed into your quarantine. To check for this issue and correct it, please go through your quarantine e-mails, and release any emails that you are expecting to receive.

The update that caused this issue has since been removed, and the issue should not persist going forward. We apologize for any inconveniences this may have caused.

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