Image Spam update

In response to the recent flurry of image spam that has been flying around the internet, our spam filters are currently being modified in an effort to trap more of this problematic junk mail. As phase one of the update, messages that are likely to be image spam will be tagged with a subject line of [Possible Image Spam]. This will allow you to review the messages that the filters determine to be image spam while the new filters are being tested, and add senders to your whitelist as needed. Phase two of the update will incorporate the image spam filters into the main scanning engine. At this point messages that are determined to be image spam will be handled just like any other spam message based on your filter settings. 11/2/2006 update : Image spam messages are no longer being tagged with "[Possible Image Spam]", and the new image spam filters have been moved into production. As a result, messages that are determined to be image spam will now be processed like other spam. In most cases, this will direct the spam into your quarantine.

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