HP and the "Economy Cartridge"

Anyone who has purchased an HP printer in recent years knows that the free ink cartridge advertised on the outside of the box is a joke. Worse than that, it is false advertising, and three Minnesota women are taking HP to task on the matter. Their argument: that describing the half empty cartridge as an "ecomony cartridge" is misleading because it suggests that the consumer gets "more ink for the same price." Though one judge had dismissed the case, an appellate court has now reinstated it.

Now, it may be a little trivial to go to court over a couple ounces of ink, but it certainly is insulting to spend hundreds of dollars on a new printer only to find out they short changed me (literally) on the ink. And it certainly doesn't make me feel any better to know that HP's printing division is by far their most lucrative, making more money than the other four divisions combined. So, it may be good business or bad business, depending on which end of the stick your on, but it would seem that it is most certainly false advertising.

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