Hosting, Search Engines and the User Experience

We've said it before and we'll say it again: where you host your Web site can affect your search engine ranking as well as your Web site as a whole. Though few search engines delve very deeply into the details of how they rank sites, obvious patterns and common sense have lead many to conclude that a budget hosting provider can be the worst thing that can happen to a Web site. This article on addresses some of these issues.

Spammers often use the budget hosting providers to hawk their wares or scam consumers. The same providers often cater to Web sites of questionable content such as gambling and porn. These sites can get blacklisted, both by search engines and content filters. If a host appears to be tolerant of such content, the search engines and content filters will start blacklisting the entire host.

Budget hosting providers also host thousands of Web sites on a single server as well as multiple services on the same server. This means that the activities of thousands of other developers can affect the uptime and reliability of your site. Instead of serving your web site, the server may be tied up in knots trying to fend off a spam mail attack. Prolonged or frequent downtime can get you dropped from the search engines and will certainly affect your customer's impression of your company.

For these and many other reasons, hosts less than 100 sites per server. We are very adamant about the one server, one service rule. We are intolerant of spam. Nevertheless, we give each domain it's own IP address so that the activities of one customer are less likely to affect our other customers.

In the end, the difference in price between a budget provider and the Business Hosting plan is less than the cost of eating out. Most would argue it's also less than the cost of one customer per month.

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