Highlands Center - Web Site Launch

c4.net just launched our latest web site for the Highlands Center, Inc. The Highlands Center is a non-profit, community-based organization created to support the mission of Highlands Center at Cape Cod National Seashore, which is to foster the unique cultural and natural heritage of Cape Cod by facilitating scientific research, the arts tradition, and educational programs atop the dramatic sea cliffs overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

The graphic design of the new Highlands Center web site is meant to capture the beautiful, natural scenic surroundings of the Highlands Center, located in Truro. The home page of the Highlands Center web site features a Flash based slideshow and a movie filmed by the Cape Cod National Seashore. You can get a great idea of what the Highlands Center is all about by visiting their site and poking around.

We would like to congratulate the Highlands Center on the launch of their new web site!

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