Google Shines Spotlight on Darfur

Google recently announced a collaborative project with the US Holocaust Museum to use Google Earth to shine the light on Darfur. The project, called "Crises in Darfur", uses Google Earth to illustrate detailed 3-D images and maps of the area, down to the level of depicting refugee camps and tents. Burning flames represent areas that have been destroyed. The United Nations estimates over 200,000 lives have been lost already over the last 4 years in the Darfur, Sudan region.

With this project, Google becomes less of a faceless search box and more of a company with personality and morals. Over 200 million people worldwide have downloaded Google Earth.

The You Tube video below is the Press Conference hosted by the US Holocaust Museum, unveiling the project initiative. In it, you will see examples of the Darfur maps and learn more about it:

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