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Google announced yesterday the launch of their new web browser, Chrome. Chrome is in the beta release phase, and is currently only available for Windows. According to Google, the main goals of this new browser are to make the web "faster, safer, and easier".

Features in Google Chrome include the ability to surf the internet in "Incognito" mode (or as the bloggers are referring to it as "porn mode", import your settings from other web browsers, dynamic tabs, application shortcuts, instant bookmarks, and crash control. Google describes the web browser with it's characteristically Google minimalist design as "one box for everything".

For a better, more technical and historical understanding of what Google's new Chrome browser brings to the table, you might check out the comic book story by Scott McCloud named "Google Chrome: Behind the Open Source Browser Project".

Day one out of the gates Google's Chrome has been met with both positive and negative press. One area people are initially scrutinizing is privacy. According to an interview posted on the Cnet News web site, by default installation, the Chrome "omnibox" field which provides one search for all is also sending any data you type into it off to Google's servers where they store this information along with your IP address. If this is an area of concern for you, you may wish to turn off the auto-suggest feature in Chrome. To turn this feature off, go to Toos > Options > Basics and press the Manage button. From this screen, deselect the check box next to the text that reads "Use a suggestion service to help complete searches and URLs typed in the address bar" and then press Close.

On the positive feedback front, Google has built the new Chrome to use the WebKit HTML rendering engine, which is the same one used by Apple's Safari browser and the Apple iPhone. As a result, surfing is fast. Google also developed Chrome on open-source programming, meaning that the code is open to all for inspecting and adding improvements to. Many developers are excited for the future prospects of where Google Chrome may go.

Download Google Chrome to check out the new features and decide if you like it better than the existing web browser alternatives.

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