Google Changes Places Pages

Back in April we reported on Google Places, a free service offered by Google that we recommend businesses take advantage of. Since that article, there have been recent changes made to Google Places pages that we want to highlight.

One of the biggest changes made to Google Places is to reviews. When Google Places pages were first introduced, they would display third party review content from websites like Yelp, TripAdvisor and Urbanspoon. With the recent changes, content from external reviews is now hidden and there are simply links that take you to view actual reviews. In place of the former external content showing up on the Google Places pages, there is now a "Write a Review" button and related "Reviews" section which would display any reviews people write directly on the Google Places page (vs. an external review website). In order to use the newer "Write a Review" button you need to login using a Google Account.

Google Places is a great, free service from Google for businesses that we recommend you setup and maintain for your business. For more information and to get started using Google Places, please see the online Google Places User Guide.

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