Google Changes Algorithm

Google announced on their official blog recently they are changing their algorithm. In a post titled "Finding more high-quality sites in search" they talk about how this recent change is intended to help prioritize web sites which which contain original, useful content and demote web sites which are simply copying content from other sources (often referred to as "content farms"). This update will be rolled out in the US first, and will have an impact on around 11% of all Google search queries.

Google announcing they are changing their algorithm is not new news. In the post linked to above they say that in order to keep results relevant this "requires constant tuning of our algorithms". The majority of Google algorithm changes take place without any public notification.

So what does this update mean? For one company it has some pretty dire implications. One of the sites taking a huge hit in rankings is search engine Mahalo, founded by Jason Calacanis in 2007. According to a Mashable article written by Stan Schroeder and posted on March 2nd, Mahalo will be laying off 10% of their staff due to the huge drop in traffic resulting from the new Google algorithm.

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