Google Analytics Launches New Tracking Code

Google announced the recent launch of Google Analytics Asynchronous Tracking Code as a new way to track analytics on your website. The primary reasons for introducing this new tracking code are to help decrease overall page load times on websites using Google Analytics and to improve data accuracy and reporting.

Perhaps the best reason to install the new Google Analytics Asynchronous Tracking Code, assuming you are already using Google Analytics, is for the fact it is designed to speed up page load times. With this new code, the analytics code now uses a separate path to go back to the server which is independent of the web page loading, which in turn minimizes the impact the code has on your web page.

The new Asynchronous Tracking Code is in the Beta stage, and is available now for testing if you want to upgrade your existing Google Analytics tracking code. Instructions on installing the new tracking code can be found on Google's Code Blog.

Installing the new Google Analytics Asynchronous Tracking Code is optional, and you can keep running the exiting tracking code if you do not wish to upgrade at this time. If your web sites uses Google Analytics, we would recommend consider implementing it, and you can keep an eye on the status of this new tracking code from the Google Code Blog.

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