Going Out with a Bang

As of Thursday morning, Hurricane Earl's projected path brings the storm to the outer Cape in the early morning hours of Saturday. On Wednesday, Earl was upgraded back to a Category 4 storm; Thursday morning, Earl's path was adjusted, bringing it closer to the coast. The storm is predicted to maintain hurricane status by the time it reaches the Cape with winds between 74 and 110 miles per hour. The marine forecast is calling for "Seas around 14 feet...building To 21 feet after midnight."

Stock up on bottled water, batteries, candles and matches. Fill up your gas tanks and test your generators. Buy ice for the cooler. Take cash out of the ATM. And don't forget to charge your cell phones: that Comcast VoIP phone won't last long after the power goes out. The Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) has information and tips, but you better read these articles now: for most of you, the Internet goes with the power.

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