Friends of Herring River Web Site Launch is excited to announce the web site launch for Friends of Herring River. Friends of Herring River is a non-profit organization in Wellfleet and Truro dedicated to promoting the restoration and ongoing environmental vitality of the Herring River Estuary. The Friends of Herring River web site helps communicate the initiatives of the organization, provides a home for their electronic Newsletter (planned for December 2008), news, resources, information about Friends, and information on how to become a member.

If you are an artist, or know someone who is, the Friends of Herring River are announcing a logo design competition. The winner of the competition will receive a $50 gift certificate for art supplies from Conwell Lumber in Provincetown, and their logo will be displayed prominently on the Friends of Herring River web site and print materials. Please see the Friends of Herring River web site for more information and details on their logo contest.

For the Friends of Herring River web site project, designed and developed a very clean, easy to navigate site using HTML and CSS. To address the issue of ongoing maintenance designed the site to be compatible with Adobe Contribute. Contribute is a user-friendly CMS software solution which allows site owners to make updates to text and images on their web site and Publish changes in real-time.

Congratulations to the Friends of Herring River on your web site launch!

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