Freeware App Warning

You know all those free apps out there, waiting for you to download? Well the article read “Here’s What Happens When You Install the Top 10 Apps” posted on How-To Geek tells you all the awful, terrible things that happen to your computer if you download and install the top 10 apps from the popular website (powered by cNet).

Turns out, many free apps bundle together additional toolbars, utilities and additional programs with downloads. Meaning the average non-techie person gets a whole bunch of unintended “stuff” loaded onto their machine along with the app they’re trying to install. This additional stuff (think malware programs, spyware fake registry cleaners, web browser hijackers) can bring your computer to a slow crawling speed and cause lots of scareware messages to pop up in addition to extra ads.

The bottom line is always be vigilant when downloading any program or app onto your machine. Freeware often comes at a cost, which can be you and the integrity of your machine.

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