Free AVG Software Update

AVG Free Edition has recently released an important antivirus update to their software program. If you are running AVG Free Edition, you will likely see an AVG pop-up window appear on your monitor, telling you there is an "Important software update available".

If you receive this message, press Continue to go to the AVG Software Installer screen which asks which product you wish to install. To continue using the AVG Free Edition program, which is what c4 recommends, select the "Basic protection" option and press Next.

The AVG software installer program will then ask if you want to Install the AVG Security Toolbar and set AVG Secure Search as your default search provider. By default, both of these options are selected or enabled. We recommend deselecting (disabling) these two options, and then press Next.

The installation will continue to run, and when it is finished updating, you will see a screen that reads "Installation completed" and gives you the option to "Restart Now (Recommended)" or "Restart Later". We suggest the Restart Now option. After rebooting your machine your AVG Free Edition program will be up to date.

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