Firefox 3

Firefox 3, the web browser by Mozilla, is now available for download. Since it's official release, there have been over 8 million downloads within 24 hours. According to, Firefox 3 has already gained 6% market share.

Some of the top new features in Firefox 3 include improved speed and performance, one click bookmarking, full zoom on page, instant web site ID, smart location bar, password manager, and platform native look and feel. After downloading Firefox 3, you may need to update and/or reinstall Add-Ons as some may not initially work in the newer version of Firefox.

Perhaps one of the most compelling reasons to download and use Firefox 3 as your web browser is, and remains to be, security. According to an independent study by the Washington Post in 2006, Internet Explorer users are vulnerable to online threats 78% of the time, and Firefox users are vulnerable only 2% of the time.

To download Firefox 3 today, or read more about it, go to

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