Fighting the Rising Tide of Spam

One of the most common complaints we at hear about the Internet is in regards to spam or unsolicited e-mail. The complaints usually take two forms, the inappropriate subject matter or the sheer quantity. We at are devoutly committed to providing a superior Internet experience for our customers.

Most customers who have switched to our service from one of the larger ISPs find that, at least initially, the amount of spam subsides. The reasons for this are two fold. The first is that we take our customer's privacy seriously. Consequently, we have never sold or rented our customer list to any third party. The second reason is that a new e-mail account is like a fresh start. Until you start using your e-mail address on the Internet, no one knows it exists.

However, guarding your e-mail address closely may not completely protect you from spam. Some companies will attempt to guess common addresses like "Bob" and "John" when sending e-mail. They will then attempt to send mail to every "Bob" and "John" at every domain on the Internet. That said, however, our mail server software is very sophisticated and can usually detect these types of attacks in their early stages.

This CNET article discusses many of the ways in which your e-mail address can be compromised. Once compromised, it is often next to impossible to keep these companies from sending unsolicited e-mail to your account. In extreme cases, you may want to change your e-mail address. Our tech support staff can take care of this for you at your request, but you will have to notify all the appropriate people and businesses of your new address, similar to moving from one physical address to another. is on the verge of releasing all new features to help protect our customers from viruses and the effects of spam. These services will prove to be unparalleled in the industry. We look forward to improving our customer's Internet experience.

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