FBI Warns About E-Valentines

In an article published by the United Press International yesterday, the FBI warns that certain e-Valentine messages may contain a virus known as the Storm Worm.

The way the E-Valentine message would infect your pc is if you were to open the message, which links you to a botnet instead of a real admirer. Botnets are groups or networks of computers that are being controlled by one person, and the owners of those individual computers involved are typically unaware their computers are even at risk. Computers involved in Botnets are used for vairous malicious attacks, such as sending malware, initiating denial of service attacks, spreading virus messages, and more.

All computer uesrs are warned to take extra precaution with any Valentine's Day related e-message that is sent by an unknown recipient. You are urged to not open the email in question, and especially not to click on any links contained within the message should you have accidentally opened it. The email message will likely contain an affectionate statement, along with a link that will open and install a rootkit and other malware if clicked on.

If you believe you have received a scam Valentine e-mail message, you should notifiy authorities by filing a complaint at www.ic3.gov. The IC3 has a partnership with the Federal Bureau of Investigations and their mission is to serve as a vehicle to receive, develop and refer criminal complaints related to cyber crime.

For more information, please read the article "FBI: e-valentines may not be so sweet".

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