Fabric Creations - Web Site Launch

c4.net is excited to announce the launch of the new Fabric Creations web site. Fabric Creations is Patricia Bolduc's design studio in Orleans, MA, with a mission to create fashions for your home interior. Fabric Creations prides themselves in designing, crafting and fabricating superior products of excellent quality and style.

Pat Bolduc met with c4.net when she was looking to develop a web site for her business. She wanted a web site that was friendly, casual and inviting, and would showcase her services and work through the use of photograph images. Once the web site went live, Pat wanted to be able to maintain the site herself in terms of making updates to text or images.

We worked with Pat's existing logo for her business, and created a site that complimented her logo, as well as met her web site project goals. We designed the web site to be compatible with Adobe's Contribute software. Contribute is a simple Content Management System which allows web site owners to control and maintain the content on their web site. Using Contribute, Pat will be able to make updates to her web site any time she wants.

We'd like to congratulate Pat Bolduc on her new Fabric Creations web site!

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