eNom Reports Phishing Alert

eNom has recently received notifications from several customers that they are receiving phishing scam emails regarding their domains registered through eNom. If you have your domain(s) registered through eNom, be on alert for phishing emails that appear like the example email in this article.

The phishing emails that are being sent are in the format of the example provided below. Essentially, they are trying to get you to log into a web site using your eNom credentials to verify your domain registration contact information. Please see the example below of a phishing email that is being sent out:

Our c4.net mail servers will attempt to identify such phishing attacks, and filter it out as spam before it reaches your inbox. However, some of these scams will pass through. If you think you have received a phishing email, do not reply to it.

For information on what to do if you have received this phishing email, please see this page on eNom's web site for details.

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