Comcast to Limit Broadband Usage

Beginning October 1, 2008, Comcast will officially begin limiting the amount of monthly broadband usage for subscribers. The new limit per month will be 250GB, which Comcast claims is roughly the equivalent of sending 50 million e-mails, downloading 125 movies, or downloading around 60,000 songs. Other ISP cable companies, including Cox Communications and AOL Time Warner Road Runner have already begun enforcing broadband usage caps.

The larger ISP cable companies like Cox and Comcast say that they have a policy in place whereby they will send warning letters to customers who are approaching or exceeding the caps, giving them ample warnings before they will suspend their service.

For more information, please read "It's official: Comcast starts 250GB bandwidth caps October 1" by Jacqui Cheng published on the Ars Technica web site.

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