Comcast Blocking Email to Accounts

We have identified an issue with Comcast blocking email being sent from to accounts. At this point, we have notified Comcast of the issue and are waiting for them to address the problem.

An example of what the error message will look like if you try and send an email to a address from a address is as follows:

Your message has been delayed and is still awaiting delivery to the following recipient(s):
(Was addressed to Message delayed

If you are currently setup so that your mail forwards from a account to a account, you could opt to temporarily remove the forwarding. In this case, you would need to setup your email clients to check both mailboxes.

Until there is a resolution provided to the issue, email sent from to accounts will still get blocked. In the interim, one possible workaround is to use a free email account such as Hotmail or Yahoo to send out mail.

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