Check Out Our New Office Renovations

There is a lot of exciting work being done at our new office location, at 721 Main Street in Harwich Center. The ceiling is being completely redone, the interior is getting a fresh new look, and the outside is getting new brick stairs and a sidewalk. Trees are getting trimmed, windows and doors are being replaced, the flag pole got a new coat of paint and flag, and there's much more in store in preparation for the move of Cape Cod Computer, Inc. and

Before we're ready to open the doors, here's a look at some of the renovation work in progress...

Here's the front of the building before any changes

And with some of the original landscaping removed

Clearing out some of the tree limbs

And a few more...

Here is what the original ceiling looked like

Scott surrounded by insulation being removed from the ceilings

This is the ceiling in progress, with the insulation removed

Scott working on the walls

A trench designed to run cables through it

Ludo checking out the new office

Akeem working on the flag pole

Akeem painting the flag pole

Scott, Akeem and John getting the flag ready

The new American flag in front of our building

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