c4.net RPM Solution featured in VincentAssociates.com Web Site

Our "Realty Prospect Manager" (RPM) solution is featured in the new web site just launched by VincentAssociates.com. Vincent Associates has been an active Falmouth real estate firm for over 40 years.

Our RPM solution is a great way to search the Cape & Islands MLS, and offers many advantages if you sign up for a free account. Account members can Save their Favorite Searches, Watch any number of listings, and also sign up for Free Daily Updates on the criteria of your choice.

To try out the RPM solution on the Vincent Associates web site, click on the "Search Cape Cod MLS" link from the VincentAssociates.com web site. Give it a try today, and see how easy it can be to find your next Cape Cod home, condo, commercial property or parcel of land!

If you're interested in learning more about the c4.net Realty Prospect Manager solution, please see the "Real Estate Solutions" area of our c4.net web site for more information or call us today at 888-430-8004!

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