c4.net Redesigns Wheel In Cottages Web Site

c4.net recently met with Elke Bruckner of Wheel In Cottages in North Eastham to talk about redesigning the Wheel In Cottages web site. The main goals were to have the web site express the unique style and identity of the Wheel In Cottages, emphasize the beautiful Cape Cod photography used throughout the site, and provide a clean, aesthetically pleasing new design.

Wheel In Cottages offers three quaint cottages for rental, and is situated on three acres of land within walking distance to the Cape Cod National Seashore. All cottages come furnished with everything you’d need for the perfect vacation. As Elke says, “From wine glasses to lobster pot, it’s all there”.

Working in collaboration with Elke throughout the site design and development stages, we have been able to achieve the site goals. The new web site design uses green and blue earth tones, and the new page layout creates an open and flowing feel. The photographs on the site are framed, and many of the thumbnail images are clickable, enlarging to a full page view.

We just unveiled the new design for the Wheel In Cottages web site and invite you to take a look.

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