c4.net Redesigns The H.I.S.S. of A.S.P. Web Site

c4.net recently worked with David Ritchey to redesign the HISS of ASP web site. The main goals of the project were to rework the site design to use more color and images on the home page and the navigation menu, to reorganize the site content into clearer categories, and to identify and incorporate keyword phrases to help with search engine rankings and results.

The book “The H.I.S.S. of the A.S.P.: Understanding the Anomalously Sensitive Person” by David Ritchey examines human senstivity and explores topics including Altered States of Consciousness, Highly Sensitive Person, Transpersonal Psychology, Learning Disorder, Autoimmune Disorder, Extra-Sensory Perception, and Psychokinesis.

While working on the redesign, we determined a great solution to help incorporate and explain many of the keywords identified for the web site. Because many of the topics discussed in the book “The HISS of the ASP” as well as the web site are rather scientific in nature, adding a glossary section to the web site was a good way to present the audience a way to understand the terminology. This solution also allowed many keywords to be incorporated into the web site visible text.

Working closely with David throughout the project, we have been able to achieve the project goals. The new web site uses green and purple jewel tones on a beige background, and main body section is designed to look like it is made from paper. The site content has been reorganized into the new navigation menu, and the keyword phrases identified for the site have been added to both the visible text and underlying code. We recently unveiled the new design for the HISS of ASP web site and invite you to take a look.

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