c4.net Redesigns Protection Plus Web Site

c4.net recently got together with Chris Taloumis of Protection Plus Auto Polishing here in Orleans to redesign the Protection Plus web site. The goals were to come up with a more exciting design and to incorporate the classic car sales portion of the Protection Plus business into the site.

A couple months and a wedding later (congratulations, Chris!), and we're ready to unveil the new site. In addition to meeting our original goals, we think we've captured Protection Plus's brand, a clean precision and attention to detail, in the design of the site itself. Of course, that wasn't terribly difficult when you've been given a lot of quality pictures of beautiful cars. :)

Protection Plus has been in the business of fine auto detailing since 1985, all under the same ownership and management. Though their web site won't give away the secret to what makes their packages so unique, you can imagine that it has something to do with their precise attention to detail and their passion for cars.

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