c4.net Redesigns Lexian.com

c4.net is happy to announce the launch of the newly redesigned Lexian.com web site. When Rick and Laurie from Lexian Management Associates wanted a new look for their web site, they turned to c4.net. They were looking for an updated web site with a professional image that conveys organization, competence and enthusiasm for the work they do. They were also looking for a web site that they can maintain on their own, in terms of making text and image updates to the web page content.

The new Lexian web site is designed to provide an overview of Lexian's company, showcase the different services offered, and provide a vehicle to capture online visitor inquiries. c4.net developed the new web site using a very clean, easy to navigate structure and incorporated a simple Contact Form to allow visitors to communicate any questions.

c4.net also designed the new Lexian.com web site to be compatible with Adobe's Contribute software. Contribute is a great Content Management System which allows web site owners to control and maintain the content on their web site. Using Contribute, Rick and Laurie will be able to make updates to their web site any time they want.

We invite you to check out the newest addition to our web site portfolio, the newly redesigned Lexian.com. Congratulations Rick and Laurie on your redesigned web site!

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