c4.net Redesigns BaileyBoyd.com

c4.net recently completed a web site redesign project with Alice Boyd, for her company web site BaileyBoyd.com. The web site goals were to create a new design to showcase the many accomplishments of Bailey Boyd Associates, provide information on their exciting and cutting edge work in the area of Sustainable Development, and provide a vehicle that can be used for marketing purposes.

c4.net designed a Flash based home page which includes a slideshow to display some of the exciting projects Bailey Boyd Associates has been involved in. For over twenty years, Bailey Boyd has been successfully funding and implementing community development activities that run the gamut from community housing to construction of large infrastructure projects and sustainable employment opportunities.

The BaileyBoyd.com web site design incorporates additional images of projects Bailey Boyd has worked on, while presenting streamlined, clear and easy to use navigation along with easy to read text and page layout. We are proud to add the BaileyBoyd.com web site to our c4.net web site Featured Designs, and think it is a great example of balancing art and usability for the web.

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