c4.net Launches RitcheyArtPhotography.com

c4.net is happy to announce our most recent web site launch, RitcheyArtPhotography.com. RitcheyArtPhotography.com features the fine art photography work of David Ritchey. David's photography employs more modern techniques to blur the distinctions between photographs and paintings.

RitcheyArtPhotography.com features a Photo Gallery, which displays examples from the six different groups David works with; Critterscapes, Landscapes, Shorescapes, Skyscapes, Abstracts, and Structures. David's web site uses streamlined navigation, and subdued graphic design and background effects, so as to not take away from the actual photography art work itself.

We are thrilled to collaborate with David Ritchey again on designing and developing a web site. Our last project with him was to produce the HissOfAsp.com web site, which promotes his book, "The H.I.S.S. of the A.S.P".

Upon completion and launch of his RitcheyArtPhotography.com web site, we asked David if he had any feedback to provide for our launch writeup. David's response is "I have been continually impressed with your accuracy, responsiveness, and speed."

We invite you to check out our latest addition to our web site portfolio, RitcheyArtPhotography.com.

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