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c4.net Internet Services is proud to announce we recently launched a new website for one of our clients, ChipBishop.com. ChipBishop.com showcases the services and accomplishments of Chip Bishop Communications and Management, Inc. Chip Bishop Communications are experts at strategic counsel, multi-media communications, and project management. Peak Season Workforce, a division of Chip Bishop Communications, provides H2-B visas to solve the Cape Cod and Islands summer staffing needs.

From a design perspective, we think ChipBishop.com illustrates the art of usability. The website strikes a peaceful balance between design and functionality. Our client goals with the site design were to create a clean, open and uncluttered website.

The website color palette uses earthy sepia and blue tones, and introduces violet on the Peak Season Workforce pages. We used an antique postcard to create the lighthouse pictured in the new Chip Bishop logo. The website text is Verdana, which is a great font choice for online text. The site navigation is simple, clean and helps make information on the website easy to find.

From a usability perspective, we design and code our websites so that they are accessible for all visitors. We check our websites against standards to make sure that they meet the appropriate requirements set forth by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

From a maintenance perspective, ChipBishop.com has been designed to work with Adobe Contribute software. Contribute allows the client to maintain the website by making updates directly to the web pages. Contribute is a great way to keep your website content fresh and current, and keep your site visitors coming back.

Here’s what the client has to say about their new website:

"We are absolutely delighted with our newly designed web site. We have had many favorable comments from customers who like its clean and open design, and its simple navigation. Kristen and her team are total professionals, and easy and fun to work with."
- Chip Bishop

This is the second project we’ve teamed up with Chip Bishop Communications on, our first project working with them was creating The Flex website, TheFlex.org.

We think we achieved our goal with ChipBishop.com, and invite you to check out their new web site!

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