c4.net Launches CircadiaBistro.com

c4.net is thrilled to announce we recently launched a new website, CircadiaBistro.com. Circadia Bistro and Tavern is located at 86 Sisson Road in Harwich Port. Executive Chef Franck Champely serves up delectable New American Bistro Cuisine, with entrees like Baked Lobster with Citrus Vegetable Nage, Beef Tenderloin Medallions with Sticky Rice, and Sesame Encrusted Fillet of Salmon with Soba Noodles.In the summer and fall seasons, organic herbs, micro-greens, and tomatoes are all grown fresh on the premises.

For the website design goals, the customer wanted an interesting and engaging look and feel, while keeping it clean and easy to navigate. As well, she wanted to better display the food and atmosphere of Circadia Bistro. We worked with a jewel tone color pallette, and created interesting graphics like the palm leaf and circular orb shape to help draw in the eye. Navigation is kept simple, and appears both on the left hand side of the page and is repeated on the page footer. The body of the website uses a white background, to faciliate reading the menus and text. Photographs of the restaurant, Chef Franck, and the food are worked into the overall design of the website.

The new website is designed to be compatible with Adobe Contribute software. Contribute allows the customer to access the website and make changes and updates to the site content, keeping content fresh and giving website visitors a reason to come back. For a restaurant like Circadia Bistro, this allows them to advertise special occasion menus like Easter and Mother's Day, make updates to the Cooking Classes and Live Entertainment, and even swap out the photograph images displayed.

We invite you to explore the new CircadiaBistro.com website, and we hope you enjoy dining at Circadia Bistro and Tavern!

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