c4.net Launches C21BeachRoad.com

c4.net is proud to announce our most recent web site launch for CENTURY 21 Beach Road Real Estate. CENTURY 21 Beach Road Real Estate is located at 10 Beach Road in Orleans, and offers the personalized service and attention to detail of a boutique office, coupled with the international marketing presence and expertise of "the most recognized name in real estate" ... CENTURY 21.

The new CENTURY 21 Beach Road Real Estate web site is the result of a redesign project we have been working on. Our main goals in this project were to bring a fresh look to the design of the web site, as well as to improve the overall web site navigation and usability. Working with the corporate CENTURY 21 color palette, we designed a brighter, more modern looking web site with a cleaner and flatter navigation structure. We also added a beautiful slideshow to the web site home page, which showcases images from the Cape taken by the Agents and Owner of CENTURY 21 Beach Road Real Estate.

We had a great time collaborating with the wonderful staff over at CENTURY 21 Beach Road Real Estate, and the end result is a web site we are very proud to have in our portfolio! We invite you to check out our latest web site, CENTURY 21 Beach Road Real Estate.

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