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When John and Jonathan, proprietors of The Beanstock Coffee Roasters, decided to upgrade their online ordering system, they sat down with the staff at Though pleased with the overall design of their existing site, they were principally concerned with the usability of the ordering system. By overhauling the ordering system, we were able to address these usability concerns, as well as provide The Beanstock with much greater control over the ordering system.

First, it's important to note that sometimes, dramatic changes can hurt usability. If return visitors are familiar with the layout and structure of your site, you can do more harm than good by changing the entire look and feel. So, we started out with simple changes like adding a "View Cart" and "Checkout" link to each and every page.

However, John and Jonathan were especially concerned with the ordering experience for return customers. In implementing a new ordering system, we added a way for return users to log in. That way, return users do not have to provide their billing and shipping information each time they visit the site. If they forget their password, they can have it e-mailed to them: no human intervention is required.

As we discovered during the implementation of the new ordering system, flat shipping schedules do not work very well for The Beanstock. Most online ordering systems will calculate the shipping based on quantity, weight, item price or some combination there of. And, most of the time, that's good enough.

In this case, however, purchases would be in small enough quantities and weight that location made a very large difference in the cost of the shipping. To solve this, the site communicates with the UPS system in real time, calculating the actual price based on the source, destination and weight. That way, New England customers, do not have to pay the same rates as customers from California. This information is displayed to the end user during the checkout process.

On the back end, The Beanstock has full control over their inventory, including categories, products, SKUs, inventory and much, much more. Most changes can be made in real time without any intervention from staff.

So, swing buy The Beanstock Coffee Roasters Web site. Have a look through their Lower Cape blends and Organic and Free Trade coffees. And if you decide to order something, let us know what you think!

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