Broadband on a Downward Trend?

This isn't the first article to predict that the broadband non-event may be loosing ground to dial-up. It cites hard economic times as well as the relatively poor quality of DSL and cable services for the beginnings of a trend away from broadband connections to traditional dial-up.

The article notes that there are few reasons for people to stick with broadband at home because the broadband "killer app" (one that every Internet user needs, like e-mail) simply does not exist. To compound the situation, many people surf on more reliable and faster connections (such as lease lines and wireless) while at work.

Few people, even the techies managing our servers, want to go home and look at a computer screen in the evening. So, when it comes time to decide which monthly bills could be trimmed, it seems the Internet bill is taking the first hit. Unfortunately, we'll have to wait until companies release reports for this quarter to see how bad the damage really is.

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