Brewster Chamber Web Site Launch is thrilled to announce the recent launch of the new Brewster Chamber of Commerce web site. The goals of the new web site were to make the site more visitor-centric, encourage Members to be more interactive and benefit from the site, and for the Chamber to be able to maintain the web site content. The new site succeeds on all goals and then some!

The new Brewster Chamber site highlights current local Events, Weather and Tides information on the Home page. Information contained within the site has been reorganized and new information introduced, making it easier to navigate and find what you're looking for. Chamber Members are more prominently displayed on the site, and are able to be searched as well as display their logo along with links to their web sites.

In terms of ongoing maintenance, the web site was developed so the Brewster Chamber can maintain content on their own. With this abililty, the site content stays fresh, current and relevant. Here's a quote from Kyle Hinkle, Executive Director of the Brewster Chamber:

"The web design team at put together the member-centric, robust web site needed to manage a membership association. And while there are web platforms out there with user-friendly but limited administrative sides,'s recommendation to use Adobe's Contribute CS software for content editing has been perfect for our needs."

An unexpected and inspriational result of the new site is a marked increase in the Brewster Chamber electronic Newsletter subscribers. Since the site went live this summer they have received 40+ new subscribers to their e-news. This is remarkable news, and in tandem with this they are phasing out of the hard copy Newsletter. Way to go green Brewster Chamber!

We enjoyed working with the Brewster Chamber on this collaborative effort, and congratulations on your new web site!

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