Beyond Anti-Virus

We've posted many articles on adware, spyware and their ilk. Traditionally, with a little defensive surfing, an Internet user could avoid these types of software. However, much like their predecessors, viruses and worms, adware and spyware are increasingly taking advantage of security vulnerabilities, many of which have yet to be patched. As a result, a second layer of defense is necessary to prevent your computer from these types of malicious software.

The technicians at Cape Cod Computer have been installing the free version of LavaSoft's Ad-Aware on customers' computers for some time. It used to be the case that the free version was enough to remove adware and spyware. However, it is proving increasingly difficult to remove adware and spyware from a computer. Once a computer has been infected, it's often next to impossible to remove the offending software without rendering the computer unusable.

LavaSoft also makes several flavors of Ad-Aware which run in real time, similar to most anti-virus software. This helps prevent adware and spyware from getting on the computer in the first place. For anyone who surfs the Internet -- regardless of how much -- recommends purchasing and running a real time anti-adware/spyware tool. The technicians at Cape Cod Computer can install the software for you. Just call ahead to make an appointment.

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