Beware of SEO Magic

With Halloween almost upon us we thought we’d share an article on one of the most common topics that arises in our website meetings with clients, SEO. SEO stands for "Search Engine Optimization" and is, generally speaking, the process of getting traffic and higher rankings for your website in the unpaid or "organic" results listed on the search engines. Primarily we are talking about Google with regards to the search engines. A typical SEO question might sound like "How can we be on the first page of Google for people looking for "widgets"?"

Today there is a proliferation of SEO companies and specialists who would love to sell you their services to guarantee Google’s first page for "widgets". Let us be clear. The only guaranteed way to get on Google's first page for "widgets" is to BUY Google AdWords for the keyword "widgets". Any SEO company who tries to tell you different is selling you "SEO Magic".

We've followed SEO since the 1990's. So has Google. We've seen some pretty horrific things done on websites by SEO specialists that are clearly in an attempt to game the system and guess what? Google sees this too. Google will penalize websites and even remove them altogether for certain SEO practices so buyer beware of SEO Magic.  

Our philosophy on SEO here at has always been it should be something addressed from the ground up within a website design and development project, as well as during ongoing maintenance and update cycles. If you want to rank for "widgets", your website needs to be an excellent contextual match for "widgets". You need to use the word "widgets" in the text copy and have quality information and compelling content about "widgets". We can ensure that the keyword "widgets" gets worked into the code in key areas the search engines are looking at. And that's not a Meta keyword tag.

At c4 we work with our clients to help them understand how to build a better website. We've been in the web development industry since 1996. We will build your website from the ground up so that the search engines, including Google, can easily search it, index it, and rank it accordingly.  We know how to make your website look good in Google's eyes.   

For further reading, here is Google's article on “Do you need an SEO

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