Beware of Domain Scams

From time to time, we hear about one of our customers being contacted in regards to a domain scam. If you have your domain name registered through Internet Services, always check with us before responding to any domain related inquiry.

One such domain scam that appears to be making the rounds again is from a company named "Internet Listing Service Corp." or ILSCORP.NET, apparently out of Chicago, Ilinois. This company sends what appears to be an invoice to owners of domain names, requesting payment for their website services. The services described in the invoice are submitting your website to various search engines.

The letter sent by ILSCORP.NET appears to be a pretty legit looking invoice, and instructs that you submit your payment via a check through the post mail. This letter is really a solicitation for the ILSCORP services, which we cannot vouch for at all and have read reports online from several disgruntled people who have been scammed out of their money by ILSCORP.NET.

If you have a domain name registered with Internet Services, we will contact you directly regarding domain renewals and expirations. As always, we are happy to make any updates to contact information you have on record with your domain name. And remember, always check with us before responding to any domain related inquiry.

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