Below is a list of's archived news stories and editorials. These have been written by numerous staff for the benefit of our customers and web site visitors. They are generally meant to inform the audience about major event or shifts in the industry, news and press releases, and other related information. We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we enjoy writing them.

Previous years

Fire Extinguisher Recall Alert
TCC Landscaping, Inc.
P5 Legal - Cape Cod Attorney Jeff Bellas
Beware of SEO Magic
Dropbox Hacked
Add a Backup Email Address to use the Forgot my Password Feature
Website Launch for Wafer Inspection Services, Inc.


Update : Exposed password list turns out to contain bogus passwords.
Another Flash Vulnerability
NEW Responsive Website for Cape Genealogy
Responsive Design is King
Beware of Spam!
U.S. Voter Databases Not Secure
Top 18 Viruses
Friends of Herring River Grant
Fall River Grand Prix
Windows 10 Upgrades? Take your time
Windows 10 for Free?
Website Launch for Fabric Creations
Refrigerator Sends Spam
WordPress - The Hacker Magnet
Freeware App Warning
Computer Training Classes
Microsoft Sues Omnitech Support
BadUSB Exploit
*ALERT* Fake LogMeIn Emails
Internet Slowdown
Fake Microsoft Phone Scam
New Website for Eastham Superette
Critical IE Patch - Even for XP
Wireless Routers get Hacked
IE 10 Exploit - Workaround Identified
Malware Targeting Android Devices
XP Time is Running Out
Yahoo Delivers Malware through Ads
"Cryptolocker" encrypts computer files and demands ransom
Schneider Electric Recalls APC Surge Protectors Due to Fire Hazard
Adobe Hacked
Privacy Email Services Shut Down
Online Videos Behind the Scenes
Software Shifts to the Cloud
Malware Phone Calls
Intuit Fights Free Tax Filing
The 19-Year Sales Tax Holiday
Guilt by Accusation
Microsoft Office 2013
Microsoft Poised to Buy Dell
Zero-day Java Exploit
Android and Mac Malware
Stop the Net Grab
Superstorm Sandy Telco and Cable Costs
Windows 8 and Surface Launch
Skype users targeted by fast spreading worm
Spam Alert - ADP
Update Java and Adobe
Internet Connectivity Problems
Windows 8
Infected Machines Lose Internet Access on 7/9
Celebrate July 4th
LinkedIn Hacked
Cape Cod Websites
Spam Alert!
FBI Wants you to Scan your Computer
Tour de Chatham
Chatham Classic Yacht Charters
Judge Orders Post to Facebook
Google Changes Privacy and TOS
40 Tom's Hollow Lane
Internet goes dark
Top 10 of 2011
Celebrate the 12 Days of Christmas
Orleans Wastewater Management Website Launch
Better Business Bureau Email Scam Alert
Hard Drive Shortage
Zero Day Windows Exploit
AVG 2012 Update
Windows 8 Sneak Peak
Hurricane Irene
Hewlett Packard Transformation Plans
Facebook for Businesses Training Class
Google Changes Places Pages
The Google+ Project
Change in E-mail Settings
*ALERT* Fake E-mails
Harris Custom Builders Web Site Launch
Free AVG Software Update
MAC Defender Malware for Macs
US Copyright Group Suing BitTorrent Downloaders
Cape Cod National Seashore Celebrates 50th Anniversary
*ALERT* Fake E-Mail Message
Google Places
Microsoft takes down Russian Botnet
GoPella Web Site Launch
Google Changes Algorithm
The Watson Jeopardy! Challenge
The End of IP4 Internet Addresses
Where's the Spam?
Holiday Schedule
Keeping your computer functional during the holiday season
Adobe Flash Vulnerabilities
FREE AVG Upgrade Link
Brewster Chamber Web Site Launch Web Site Launch
Going Out with a Bang
Difficult Math
Creating PDFs
"Macs Get Malware Protection, Not Malware"
Your Password Launch New Design
Questions to Ask When Looking for a Web Developer
Botnets in the News
Overhead Door Web Site Launch
The Yellow Pages of Cape Cod
Track Santa Online
Google Analytics Launches New Tracking Code
New Spam Alert Redesign
Web Site Launch for
Web Site Launch for CCRTA
If you can Receive Email but not Send
Email Alert
Web Site Launch for
Our Newest Additions…
Google Caffeine
East Cape Engineering Web Site Launch
Countdown to Apollo Mission Recreation
Firefox 3.5
5 Questions with Bob Jenkins of Local Hooker Rods
4th of July Roundup
Lost Dog Pub - Now Open in Orleans!
Cape Cod Baseball - It's On!
Microsoft Releases Bing
Chinese Registry Domain Name Scam Redesigns
*NEW* Spam Alert
Electronics Recycling Event
Fabric Creations - Web Site Launch
Tsunami Warning System Test
April Fool's Day Conflicker Worm
Wolfram Alpha
New Variant of Koobface Worm on Facebook
Adobe Reader and Acrobat - Security Alert
Kids Events on
*ALERT* Fake E-Mail Message! RPM Solution featured in Web Site
Comcast VOIP Interrogated by FCC
Spam back on the Rise
Heartland Data Breach Web Site Launch gets a new look!
Atlantic Millwork Web Site Launch
Highlands Center - Web Site Launch
New Years A Second Late
Track Santa Claus with Google
Happy Holidays!
Internet Explorer Major Security Flaw Exposed
Apple Recommends Antivirus
*ALERT* Fake webmail messages
Friends of Herring River Web Site Launch
Ask a Certified Financial Planner practitioner
Voting Information and Resources
New Web Site Launch
Malware Alert!
Free Disaster Education Sessions
Google Chrome
Comcast to Limit Broadband Usage
Why the Spam Keeps on Coming
Sales Tax Holiday!
Harwich Mariners Beat Out Orleans Cardinals
Cape Cod Events on Facebook
Paletteworks Web Site Launch
Local Hooker Rods - Live on Shopping Cart
Beatlemania Now!
Recycle your Cell Phone or iPod with Apple
Happy 4th of July!
New Storm Worm Variant
Firefox 3
Microsoft Prepping for Patch Tuesday
Microsoft's WorldWide Telescope
Gas Price Watch
Windows XP SP3 Upgrade Issue
Wii Fit for the Family
Red Tide Launches
Sparrow Using High-Frequency Tones to Combat Teens
Fraudulent Comcast E-Mail Circulating
FCC Approves Plan for Text Message Alert System Launches Launches
Sony Drops Fee Not to Install Software
eNom Reports Phishing Alert Launches
Cape Cod Vacancies Web Site
Microsoft Vista Forums
FBI Warns About E-Valentines
Vista SP1 Available in Mid-March
Upcoming Changes at eBay
Intuit Tax Programs Notification
Network Solutions Front-Running Domains
Spell Check Breaks in 2007 MS Office
Netflix Movies Straight to TV Redesigns
12 Days of Christmas
Comcast Issue Resolved
Celebrate Christmas in the Harwiches!
Comcast Blocking Email to Accounts
Happy Thanksgiving!
SEO Sites to Watch
Comcast blocking internet traffic?
Spam at 95%
NEW Webmail Features!
Windows Vista Compatibility
Important E-mail Update
Phishing Email - What to Look Out For Launches oldCape Sotheby's International Realty Web Site
Beware of Domain Scams
Sales Tax Holiday - August 11 & 12
Second Life - Not So Different from your First Life Launches New &
Fourth of July on Cape Cod
Cape Cod Baseball League
Provincetown & Nantucket Film Festivals - 2007
Memorial Day Weekend on Cape Cod
Webkinz - Good for your Kids?
Social Bookmarking Meets Search
Google on the Move
Google Shines Spotlight on Darfur
Last Minute Tax Applications Bring Servers Down Launches
"Illegal System DLL" Error Message
Paint.NET - Free Image Editing Software Launches New Website -
Pictures of Our New Office
Barnstable One of Best Green Places to Live in 2007
Dial-Up Issue Resolved
Cape Cod Computer, Inc. and - New Office
Interview with Kathy Schrock
Windows Vista - It's Here
What's Your Business Internet Strategy for 2007?
Free Web Mail and Business: Just Don't Do It
Is your Computer Secure?
Windows Defender Beta Expired on December 31
Spam in the News
Mass spamming worm
Meteor shower this weekend
Image Spam update
Increase in Spam
New Pictures From The Harwich Office
Check Out Our New Office Renovations
Summer Sales Tax Free Weekend
Cape Cod Computer, Inc. and are Moving!
Introducing The Flex - Way to Go!
Symantec Antivirus security problems
"Account Update" Spam Redesigns The H.I.S.S. of A.S.P. Web Site
Cleaning an LCD Screen
Image Spam Bypasses Most Filters Redesigns Wheel In Cottages Web Site
Nyxem Virus Time Bomb
Mail Server Upgrade
Symantec, Following in Sony's Footsteps
Zero Day Exploit
Mozilla Releases Firefox 1.5 Orleans NOC on Emergency Power
Power Back On
"The C4 Support Team" Says Don't Open That Attachment
Firefox, an Alternative
Never "Always Trust"
Take Control of Your Site
Buy Your Next Pound Online
Sober Worm and German Spam
Phishing Attacks Rising
Fast Spreading Worm
The Political Internet
On Software Quality
Beyond Anti-Virus
Sales Tax Holiday
Bloggers at the DNC
Calling In Sick
"Award Winning Tech Support"
New Virus Slows Down Internet Mail
Phishing with the Net
Inventing Computers
Privacy Concerns Raised Over Google Services
Hosting, Search Engines and the User Experience
Dell Support Outsourcing a Failure
Local Support And the Bottom Line
Macromedia Site of the Day
No, We Did Not Send That Message
Virus writers have been working overtime
Novarg: The Mystery Meat Virus
Is it Bagel or Beagle?
Problems with Your Computer?
New Web Mail Up and Running
Why Did the Spam Come Back?
Bush Signs CAN-SPAM Bill Into Law
First ATMs Infected by Internet Worm
Spam Rage and Spam Laws
An End to the Spam?
The Difference Between Reviews and the Real World
AOL Hacks Customers' Computers?
The Question that Won't Go Away
Why Do You Need an IP Address?
Comcast Drops AT&T Domain?
Mail Server Upgrade
New virus masking as "Microsoft Internet Update Pack"
Anniversary of the First Computer Bug
Is Electronic Voting the Issue?
Software Licenses and Responsibility
Anti-Virus For Everyone
Microsoft Looking for More Control Over Your Computer
We Interrupt You Regularly Scheduled Programming…
Blaster worm wreaking havoc
Snoping Around the Internet
Your E-mail Address Is Not Expiring
Even the President Gets Spam
A Requiem For Anonymity
Parents Beware, RIAA Takes Aim at Users
National Do Not Call Registry Goes Online
A Day Late and a Dollar Short
Portable Cell Phone Numbers
VAT on the Way
In Search of a Search Engine
Two New Sites from
Backing Up Outlook Express
The First New Worm In Awhile
Oldest Running Applications
Humans and Computers, Chess and Go
Inkjet Cartridges With Expiration Dates
A Belated Happy Birthday to the Browser
The "FCC Line Charge" Scandal
Many Still Don't Find Value in Banner Ads and Spam
Rebate? What Rebate?
Greenspan on IP
What Do They Search For?
National Archives and Records Administration
Patenting the Patent
Barbarians at the Gate
How They Got Your E-mail Address
Reports of My Death of Been Greatly Exaggerated
IBM Recalls 56,000 Monitors
"Your server has unexpectedly terminated the connection...."
Exercising Controller Over the Internet
Scheduled Outage
Updates to Services
Pennsylvania Law Fights Objectionable Material with Blacklists
AOL Accounts Jeopardized?
MSN and AOL on the Same Side?
Whitelists Are Not the Solution
Libraries Denied Access to Public Records
Bogus PayPal Account Messages
Don't Let Those Domains Expire
The Cheerleaders Return
Organized Letter Campaigns at the Speed of E-mail
C3 Technician Interviewed about Backups
"Drive-by Downloads"
Taxing the Internet
Slammer Worm Slams Internet
I Pledge Allegiance to the Recording Industry Association of America
Let's Not Get Ahead of Ourselves
APC Recalls UPSs
Spyware in TurboTax, Adware in QuickBooks?
Virus Double Shot
Avril Lavigne in Your Inbox
Some Modest Success
E-mail Fraud and the Escrow Site Shakedown
Happy Birthday, Internet!
"Personalization" Gone Wrong
So This is Christmas...2050 to Top Half a Million Visitors in December
The AT&T Double Dip -- Finally a Broadband Solution for Cape Cod?
Any Which Way But Loose
Local ISPs Push Back in the Fight Against Spam
Putting Computers Out to Pasture
Spend More, Get Less
Number One with a Bang
Ignore This Important System Message
The Mac Attack
Think Twice Before Using the "Delete" Key
Finding a Use for Errors
"1000 Free Hours" Does Not a Customer Make
This is My Witty Title
The Economics of Scale Are Anything but Economical
In Case You Haven't Been Paying Attention
"All Your Fact Are Belong To Us"
Congratulations Cheerleaders!
Subscribers Up, Customer Satisfaction Down
Government Informational Sites Dropping Like Flies
E-mail Churn
"Should you really have a problem..."
Microchips and the Environment
Linksys Router Vulnerability
Trim Your Cable Bill
Still Local and Still Fixing Everyone Else's Problems
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Who Owns Your Software?
A Virus with Something for Everyone
Fighting for Control of Your Computer
Bringing Down the Internet
The New Office
Dropping Office
The Great Migration
Another Hiccup on the Road to Broadband
Fixing What Isn't Broken
A Day Late
The Search Engine Silver Bullet that Misfired
E-mail is Dead, Long Live E-mail
Last Minute Substitution: Save Your Work
A Bug in the Works
The Mickey Mouse Preservation Act
We're Either Rich Or…
The Social Leveler
The Search Engine List is Back
Web Site Update: Form Submissions
32 Flavors of Nigerian Scams
The Case Against Broadband
DVD Burners Burning Up
What the Heck Just Happened?
The Myth of Cheap Printers
Internet in Europe on the Rise
Political Spam Via Your Cell Phone
To Blog, or Not to Blog? - Part 1
The Internet Radio Double Standard
A Small Success
Fonts, Free Press, and the Monopoly
The Spam and Virus Front
Message Delays
Is Some Spam Better than Other Spam?
WorldCom Outage
The Season's Big Event
Buying Your Way In - Part 2
Consumer Rights Getting in the Way of Advertising
Buying Your Way In - Part 1
FTC Takes Notice of Verisign
Where Did They Get That Address?
The Cost of Spam
"Conservative Culture of Information"
Eavesdropping in the Digital Millennium
"Canning Spam"
Well, This is a First
You Can Have Broadband, You Just Can't Use It
Half the Internet in Bankruptcy
With the FCC on Our Side
Your Domain May Be Available…
Introducing New, Free Services
Quick and Accurate Tide Information
"Half the World" May Be Wrong
The World's Largest Used Bookstore
Over One Billion Served
Pac Bell Fesses Up
The Upgrade Cycle
No Site is an Island Redesigns Protection Plus Web Site
A Netiquette Primer
What's in a Name...or Symbol?
The End of Flat Rate Internet Access?
Getting Disconnected
The Place to Find Where to Stay
Paypal Takes Heat for Customer Service
HP and the "Economy Cartridge"
AT&T Raises Cable Broadband Prices
Judge to Verisign: Stop the Shenanigan's
The Good Samaritan Worm
First Yahoo, Now MSN
The End of Affordable DSL?
Lions, Tigers and Worms, Oh My!
Who's on Our Side?
Adjusting to a Dynamic Medium
A National, Biometric Driver's License?
How Smart Do You Have to Be?
Paying the Price for Free Music
Turner Broadcasting Thinks You're a Thief in the Top 10 Again?
Do You Think Windows Costs Too Much?
A Bright Spot
Rant on a Brave New World
$80 Million = $5,000 and 20 Months
Klez Worm hitting hard
Are the Browser Wars Back?
You've Got Nothing to Worry About
Trying to Turn a Buck, Yahoo Violates Customers' Privacy
The Last Nail in the Coffin
Pop-up Banner Ads Just Got Worse
Have Our Cake and Eat It Too
Giving Everything You've Got
Paying for Spam
Not Just Spam, Identity Theft
Lojack for People
The Sun Also Rises on ".US"
The Future of The Internet
AOL to Cable Subscribers: The Party's Over
Crashing the Party
The Streets of Tijuana
Sanctioned Domain Name Theft
What's in a Name?
Even AOL Doesn't Use AOL
Scary Spam Statistics
Spam: Citizen Fights Back
Massachusetts Ruling: E-mail Legally Binding
First DSL, Now Cable: FCC Shootin' for a Hat Trick
Study Shows People Don't Get Technology Because Techies Don't Get People
Spam: A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
HP Recalls Power Cords
Its a Big World Out There
"Klez" Worm Running Rampant
Search Engines: The Myth of Links
The Commercial Web
Spam Victimizes AT&T Customers
Worm on the Loose
Spam Crackdown
DSL Deregulation
Congratulations, Lindsay!
143 Million Americans Online
Win a Computer!
What Happened to Support?
MyParty Virus
Gateway Closes More Stores
Spyware 101
Gettin Giggy with It Lowers Hosting Costs
Windows XP Security Hole
New Home for AT&T Broadband Customers
'Tis the Season
New Web Mail Features
100 Years Since the First Trans-Atlantic Broadcast
Virus Deadline
Holiday Season Spam up 650%
Going, Going, Gone
The Future of Cable Broadband
Badtrans Virus on the Rise
Ban on Internet Taxes Stands
Fighting the Rising Tide of Spam
PC Industry Customer Service Unveils New Web Sites
Staples to Pull Computers
AT&T Won't Support Windows XP
MSN Forces Outlook Goes Fiber!
Mail Server Upgrades
Broadband on a Downward Trend?
Check Your E-mail Anywhere
New Email Worm on the Loose
Nimda Worm Attacks Servers and E-mail Alike in the Top 10
SirCam Virus Still Threatening
Compaq Layoffs Affect Presario Support
Verizon Phone Service Outages
NetZero Cuts Access/Service
EarthLink Raises Prices
Live Sunset Webcam at Skaket Beach Owner to Receive Award In the Press
Local ISPs Censoring E-mail
Network Solutions Sells Contact Database
Latest Net News

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