April Fool's Day Conflicker Worm

Millions of computers could be the target of a latest variant of the Conficker worm (Conficker.C), which is expected to manifest itself on computers on April Fool's day. According to a CNN article "No joke in April Fool's Day computer worm", the Conficker worm is already thought to have infected somewhere between 5 - 10 million computers.

The Conficker worm is designed to exploit many aspects of the Windows operating system, and could cause any number of potential issues, including: shutting down security services on your machine, monitoring keystrokes, gaining access to private information, shutting down certain Web sites, and trying to get users to buy fake software or other products.

According to the CNN article, there is a group called "Conflicker Cabal" which has formed to try and track down the author(s) of this damaging worm, and find ways to either stop or mitigate any potential damage the worm may cause. Microsoft has also offered a $250,000 bounty for bringing the Conflicker malware author(s) to justice.

One of the ways to prevent your computer from the Conficker worm is to make sure you have the latest updates available. Microsoft is urging users to go to http://safety.live.com if they think their computer is infected. Regardless of what antivirus software you use, you should check it now to make sure you are still receiving all updates, as the Conficker worm will disable many antivirus programs.

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