An End to the Spam?

Last week, upgraded its primary mail server to add next generation spam filtering capabilities. Since then, the percentage of spam trapped by our server has risen by 55% -- and that number's still going up. Many of you have already noticed and called in or written to us with your positive feedback. Others noticed the lack of mail in their inbox and thought the mail server was having problems. We assure you, everything is fine.

Please note that when we first brought up the new spam filtering system, we had a high number of false positives on distribution lists and newsletters. We've adjusted the settings to avoid these. Testing in the subsequent days has shown that the false positive rate has returned to its normal level, which is to say that false positives are virtually nonexistent.

So, is this the end of spam? Though we'd like to claim victory, pack it up and go home, we'll no doubt see new spam attacks for which we'll have to develop new defenses. However, the new system is much more intelligent than the old, adjusting to new new attacks with little to no human intervention, thereby freeing resources for the development of new products and services.

The new system also demonstrates's commitment to achieving a virtually spam free Internet experience. In future weeks, we'll debut a new Web Mail system which we hope you'll find easier to use. In addition to providing some much requested features, the new system will give you better control over your mailbox, allowing you fine grain control over the way your mail is filtered.

If you are still getting large amounts of spam, then chances are that your account (or one of the accounts which forwards to your account) does not have spam filtering enabled. Please contact us to request that spam filtering be enabled on all of your accounts. If you host a domain with, it is possible that your accounts are on a server which does not support spam filtering. Upon request, we will move your domain to a server that does free of charge.

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