A Small Success

As I write this, August 30th at 6:30pm, the Cape Cod & Islands Current Vacancies site has reached an all time high in terms of usage. This past month, the site played host to over 100,000 visitors. This is more than a three fold increase from August of last year.

As the home page of the site notes, the database contains over 15,000 vacancies, even this late in the season. Today alone, 6,000 of those have been updated, and at this late hour, there are over 1,045 vacancies available Cape wide. Though the number may seem startling high to those in the lodging industry, hopefully, with the help of the site, we'll fill them yet.

Of course, this all would not have been possible without the participation of 17 chambers of commerce and 301 hosts, many of which update the site every day with the latest lodging information on Cape. So, as we have in the past, we'd like to thank them for helping to make the site a success. Thank you.

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