A Bug in the Works

It occurs to us that we haven't posted any specific virus warnings in quite some time. The last two we posted were both about Klez, which, as you can tell by the "Virus warnings" section of our home page, is still running rampant. Well, we finally have cause to post a new threat. It's called the BugBear worm.

This new virus, discovered just a couple days ago, has already made a couple of appearances on our service. We've even received some copies ourselves. Thankfully, our e-mail virus scanning service is catching the virus infected messages for those customers who have the service turned on.

BugBear works much like Klez, Sircam, and all the other mass mailers. It masquerades as a message from a friend or a company you've probably done business with. Once it's tricked you into opening the message, it infects your system and sends itself to everyone in your address book. It also attempts to break any antivirus and security software installed on your computer.

Unlike some of the others, it doesn't necessarily do any damage to the computer system. Instead, it tracks what you do (i.e. what keys you type, mouse movements you make, etc.) and opens your system up to hackers. In this way, it could actually be more troublesome than other viruses which make their presence known almost immediately.

The solution, of course, is prevention. Update your antivirus software. Be careful opening messages containing attachments, even if they are from someone you know. If you suspect that your system has been infected, contact your local computer repair shop right away.

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