12Days.com to Top Half a Million Visitors in December

The venerable 12days.com Web site, a c4.net project from a few years back, is about to hit a major milestone. For the first time ever, it will serve half a million visitors in a single month. It is also likely to surpass 1 million page views. We've also expedited the delivery of 14,000 letters to Santa this season, a weighty task we bear with due humility and responsibility.

The most popular section on the site is the Playground, a small selection of online games. The most popular of these is the Nutcracker Game, a Christmas style hangman. Other notably well trafficked sections include the Coloring Book, which contains printable, crayon ready images, and the Christmas Carol Collection, which serves up tunes from the public domain.

We attribute much of the success to the site's uncommercial format. Besides two banner ad spots, one on each of each of the main pages, the site is free of the usual commercials, pitches and gimmicks. As a result, many organizations and schools direct children to the site during the season.

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