Fraudulent Comcast E-Mail Circulating

Local police have just alerted us that a phishing type scam e-mail is currently circulating, which appears to be sent from Comcast. Be on the lookout for any e-mail you receive from Comcast which asks you to verify any of your information with them (e.g., username, password). Do not reply to this Comcast e-mail or take action specified in this e-mail.

The e-mail in question appears to be sent from Comcast Billing Department (, and the body of the e-mail describes that they are going to be deleting any unused Comcast e-mail accounts to make space for newer e-mail accounts to be created. You are further warned that if you do not verify your account information with them, you will loose your account. This e-mail is a scam, and a phishing attempt to try and steal personal identification information from you.

Comcast has confirmed this is a scam, and that they would never request you to provide personal information in this manner. If you receive this e-mail scam, please forward the email message to

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