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Dedicated Server Pricing
Setup $500
Monthly :: 1st Server $500
Monthly :: Additional Servers $350
Includes: 500 E-mail Accounts , Virus Scanning , Spam Filtering , Live Web Site Statistics , FrontPage Server Extensions , Bandwidth (400 Gb) , 32 Dedicated IP Addresses , 24/7/365 FTP Access , Automated 24/7/365 Server Monitoring , Nightly Backups , Uninterruptable Power Supply , Backup Mail Server , Microsoft Internet Information Server , Microsoft Active Server Pages , Standard Streaming Media , Windows Media Services , 100 DNS Records and Server Side Includes
Add-ons: Databases , Secure Web Site , Mailing Lists , Secure E-mail , Macromedia ColdFusion Server , Microsoft SQL Server , Vircom VOPMail , AuthentiX , Webinator , and Online Shopping & Product Catalog

Getting Dedicated

With's dedicated server solution, we provide the hardware, Windows 2003 or Windows 2008 operating system, and the Web server (Microsoft's Internet Information Server). We also provide several applications such as mail servers, statistics reporting and analysis applications, web site search engines, etc. at an additional cost.

Our dedicated server solutions are managed, meaning we will perform all of the routine maintenance on the server such as installing operating system patches and web server hot fixes. You will have access to the server via FTP (and RDS if you choose to have Macromedia's ColdFusion Application Server installed on the server as well).

In the end, you get all the benefits of server independence without the hassle of maintaining your own server. Additionally, you can leverage's long experience in server deployment and administration to ensure the reliability and performance of your web sites.'s Responsibilities provides the network connection, network addresses, power (including a battery backup and generator), and the server hardware. In regards to the latter,'s parent company, a computer wholesaler and retailer, maintains the region's largest inventory of computer hardware. can use this to troubleshoot and repair your servers should the need arise.

We will repair your server and replace any malfunctioning hardware at no additional cost. However, makes no guarantee that the services provided by your server will be available during the duration of time it takes test and repair your system. Furthermore, if you believe the problem to be hardware related and our tests show that the hardware is functioning properly, you will be billed for the time at our normal hourly rates.

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